Earlier this year we were told our contract’s with BMBC and Public Health Barnsley would be reviewed. Following an extremely quick review and consultation we were informed that our contracts would not be renewed after July 31st 2018.

Over the last few months we remained optimistic but realistically we had to come up with a way forward if we were to continue supporting you our service users. We have had to make some tough decisions. +me decided to close it’s offices in Rotherham as RMBC also decided not to renew our contract after 31st March 2018.

Despite working to secure additional funding for Barnsley we have been unsuccessful, but rather than closing down and relocating to Sheffield we have decided to carry on providing social support as this came up in the consultation time and time again.

On Thursday 5th July we will provide a weekly afternoon social drop-in services from Queens road. (no advice or support will be available other than signposting to services the council say are available in Barnsley).

+me is saying to you. Be part of the solution not the problem! We will review our position on Barnsley in December 2018 and decide in 2019 if there is still a need for +me. We are told people living with HIV in Barnsley should now be able to access better social health and well being services, free from stigma and discrimination.