Karl Cooper of +Me receives HRH Duke of York award.

The Duke of York’s Community Initiative is a Royal Award presented to community projects based in Yorkshire. The awards were presented by HRH The Duke of York on Tuesday 25/4/2018 to groups at Sheffield Cathedral.

Our own Karl Cooper received an individual award in recognition of “exceptional leadership skills”.

This is what they had to say about Karl.”Karl had the vision many years ago to see that the increasing variety of people being diagnosed with HIV and full blown Aids were in need of something more than medical treatment and the concept of improved personal and social support was developed.

Karl’s role has been highly significant and successful in developing the principle and setting practical solutions that have expanded and developed over the years in Barnsley and Sheffield. He is definitely the kingpin that enables +me Positive About Change to be such a vibrant organisation. He is passionate, dedicated, supportive and a role model for everyone within the organisation.

Karl is a quiet leader so he doesn’t shout about his achievements but it is clear to see how everyone feels about him and what he has done for the organisation and its service users. People feel he is +me Positive About Change and look to him for guidance, support and leadership. “Karl has +me Positive About Change written through him like a stick of rock”. He is also aware of the responsibility he has to ensure the sustainability of the organisation which shows his capability, strength and wisdom in looking forward to the future. He is an exceptional individual doing an exceptional job.

Congratulations Karl